hi all
here i am again with the 2ed lot of panels
in addistion with the last lot i made

i did the tabbing a little diferant this time
i started on the back first insted of the front

and stuck them to the board defor soldering the front
these are the cells i used
85mm x 150mm
1.8 w each ---->
i put the tabs
on the back
first -------->

test each cell
to see if theres
a volt reading
under a light
bend the tabs up
for easy stacking
cilicone the back of the cell
like this
it will suport the cell from
movment from the board
exspanding from heat
from the sun

place the cells on the board
like this ------------------->
with the tabs in opposite
directions in each row
now solder the tabs down
like this
i found it easyer.
it stoped the tabs pulling
off the cell when
 moving them inplace

after all the tabing is done
conect each line of cells like this
negative track
posative track
conecting track and tabing
this is the framing i used
C section

here is the fram
around the panel
here they are up on the wall
each panel has 36 cells
at 1.8w
x36 = 64.8w
x 5 =324w

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