petes computer project

hi everyone if you dont know whats inside your computer then STOP right here

and goto marys diary where shes got lots of stuff to look at :)

right now for the tech stuff :)

have you ever had a freeze up or a crash on your computer and wondered why?

well 80% of the time its because the computer gets too hot and makes the prossesor unstable there for making the comp freeze up(hang) or die (blue screen)

like most of you out there i put in more mem and Bigger graphic card faster prossesor and things still go wrong :(

well inside my little fridge box i have = this: 1 Asrock p4i65gv motherboard full spec here on this i have 1 gig of kingston hyperX ddr400 mem and a intel pentium 4 northwood core 2.8 ghz 800mhz FSB 512 cache (if you dont understand this go to mary's diary) also inside my fridge :) (you will know in a min why i call it my fridge)i have 3 hard drives 80 gig each 2 rom drives 1 cdrw and 1 dvdrw now the problem with all this in there is HEAT .

on after a few freezes and crashes i downloaded a program called everest home edition to check my comp over ....found out it was running hot... 60c on no load so when i played games or video edited it was running up to 75c

and freezing up so i got some 80cm case fans put then in and it helped a little got the temp down to 50c but still getting hot under load


so i got this little chap :)


SI-120 CPU Cooler

man this works:)

put next to the old cooler

you will see why it works

as you can see

the thermalright is 3 times

bigger than the old cooler






after fitting

as you can see it takes

up half the case

keeping the

motherboard cool too


and here it is closed



the price you ask????

shhhhhhh dont

tell the wife lol;)


31 + shipping but it works well . Now the temp is down to 43c off load and 49c max on full load

the thick pipes you see on the cooler are hollow tubing letting the heat get away from the prossesor quickly and keeping it cooler

well i hope some of

this info is some good

to you and and you put

it to some use

ta tar for now and


like my computer