How it all started

HHi im pete

it all started one day in march 2000 ijust down loaded the ICQ messanger and was trying to figure it out how it worked

i clicked on the random chat button and a list came up in that list was mary :) (clean chat only :) )

( there was otheres but i wont go there ;) lol)anyway i asked mary if she wanted a chat???? and got a reply back saying OK :)we talked for ages and added each other to our friends list .

months went by and we was chating every day and found out we had lots in common :) we exchanged pic ( clean ones lol :) ) as time went by we got webcam's and then we seen that the pic's we sent each other was not fake as you hear about on the net.

one year later we decided to meet so in sep 2001 i got tickets to meet up in florida and spent 2 week there with her by this time things was getting more and more feelings for each other but dint say nothing to each other about it :( and kept it as just friends

after we went home from a great time we spent with each other we carried on chating on the net the following year we decided to meet up again so in aug 2002 we met up in florida again :)

this time was different mary told me of her feelings to me and i admitted mine to her too and we kissed WOW FIREWORKS

but we both know that it could not be at that time because of all the red tape that had to be done before we could be together so after the vacation we started to make plan's to be together after a lot of red tape and paper work in june 03 2003 we met up in chicago ( after a 24 hour delay on my dam plain :( ) i looked like clint east wood lol but mary still loved me even tho i looked like a bum lol

anyways i spent 2 weeks with mary meeting her family and friends ( nice family too :) )

after the 2 weeks there we both came back to england and things are still going great :)

well thats all there is for now if you want to find out more there will be an update on this page

so if you think theres no one out there for you THINK again the worlds not that big :)

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